From the article Nine trends shaping global retail landscape:

1) The Social Economy
The social economy places importance on gaining knowledge from customers, not just having knowledge of customers. Brands must be just as concerned with consumer dialog and feedback as they are with outbound messaging to consumers.

2) Younique (A Play on “Unique”)
Tailoring products and messages is the essence of the younique trend. Customized footwear from Nike and personalized candy from M&M are just two examples of companies already taking advantage of our desire to be recognized for our individuality.

3) Being Online All The Time
Mobile technology improvements have allowed us to be online all the time, and brands must learn to navigate the increasingly congested world of mobile communications.
Beacon technology will let retailers beam messages to consumers based on location. One example is a free app called Shop Drop that allows shoppers to opt in for special offers from stores they are passing by.


Source: Nine trends shaping global retail landscape

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