#BigData Will Power #CompetitiveAdvantage for #CPG Business

87% of enterprises believe that big Data analytics will redefine the competitive landscape of their industries within the next three years

The combination of social networking as a way of life, and the ever-growing number of devices on which people stay connected, continues to generate untapped sources of data that could help businesses compete more effectively.

Decreasing cost of both storage and computing power have made it feasible to collect this data – which would have been thrown away a few years ago. Today, enterprises want to capture and manage large amounts of information from multiple sources both structured such as ERP, CRM and database systems and unstructured including web sites, social media and streaming.

“More than ever, growing adoption in mobility, new types of applications and cloud services are driving organizations and consumers to store, manage, safeguard, analyze both traditional, structured data as well as unstructured or semi-structured data generated by multiple applications running on smart phones, tablets and all other computers. Whether it is called Big Data or Internet of Things, we all want to gain more insights on how to run our business more effectively. Technology companies such as Microsoft hold the belief that it is more crucial to embrace advanced analytics that will enable everyone in organizations to gain actionable insights and gain competitive advantage by benefiting from predictive and prescriptive analytics,” says Aydin Gencler, Director Product Marketing, Middle East & Africa at Microsoft.

Big Data main tool Hadoop was driven by the exponential growth in the volume of unstructured data from Big Data analysis and the ability to access data at high speed with reduced costs compared to traditional RDBMSs.

A brighter future for Big Data


Analytics, big data and cloud computing will continue to transform the business landscape for the foreseeable future.