Vortisieze Technology Products

These are our product offerings. They are geared to give reporting capabilities or process automation to your Demand Signal reporting project to support your large retailers in category management or retail analysis.

DSDH Box ArtDemand Signal Data HubAnalytics Platform to load retailer POS and inventory data and combine with weather, demographic, and supply chain data. Layer on MicroStrategy drag-and-drop reporting and you have the most powerful demand signal reporting platform on the market.

This is the Vortisieze flagship product, designed to give CPG suppliers the capability to easily build your own BI reports and incorporating all of the enterprise data sets that you need to answer buyer queries, investigate sales anomalies, research optimal sales strategies, and ask questions that simply could not be asked before. With our Cloudera backend, we have virtually unlimited storage capacity without any affect on report performance. Our ETL loads 17 times faster than our competitors, and our lowest level fact reporting comes back in minutes, not hours.

Utilizing MicroStrategy's in-memory analytic features, our response times to reports and dashboards are now sub-seconds. Drag-and-drop reporting makes our system self-service, but we have experts who can get you started, answer questions, or build your reports for you.

SpinDoctor Box ArtSpinDoctorAutomates impala queries to build aggregate tables and integrates with a scheduler. This tool makes it easy to setup and schedule Cloudera-Impala queries from a Windows server via any enterprise scheduler to perform aggregate table generation post ETL loads. This can be handy if you just want to run some SQL against your Cloudera Impala data and don't want to get into java coding on a Linux operating system to automate it every week.
FM Box ArtFilter ManagerUpdates non-standard dimensional filters in MicroStrategy. This application easily integrates with a scheduler to update filters directly in MicroStrategy, such as corporate time dimensions that do not follow a standard calendar. These filters are often scorecarding filters, like "last 4 complete weeks" against a Walmart calendar that are embedded into metrics for dashboards.

MicroStrategy has some standard calendar features, but working against a non-standard calendar or needing something that is not available out of the box meant you had to build MicroStrategy transformations. While useful, these can make your queries and reports run slow. Now, you can have the best of both worlds. Lightning fast where clauses on your reports, without having to remember to update them each week.
tx-dwa-logo-rgb-smallTimeXtender Data Warehouse AutomationTimeXtender is democratizing access to corporate data with the Data Discovery Hub - the most comprehensive end-to-end solution in the market today. Their flagship product, TX DWA automates the complex and time intensive tasks required to model and govern data. It writes the scripts so you don’t have to. Because it is based on automation technology, it allows for both speed and agility, and delivers results 5 times faster than other solutions in the market. TX DWA helps companies tap into multiple data sources, extract relevant information, and place that information in a structured discovery hub. This allows users to access information quickly and easily, and get one version of the truth. With a successful 10-year track record, and more than 2,600 customers from numerous industries in 60 countries, TimeXtender is the world’s leading provider of Data Warehouse Automation for the Microsoft® SQL Server®.

If you would like a product expert to contact you to discuss any questions, please contact us. We would be happy to talk to you