28 of the Best Instagrams to Follow for Design Inspiration

What if I told you you could visit an art gallery … from the comfort of your own home? Or from a bus seat on your commute to work? Or while you’re taking a break for lunch?


If you follow the right people, that’s what Instagram can do for you. There are a lot of really talented artists and designers out there who use Instagram as a sort of mini art gallery — a social portfolio, if you will.


And it’s a jackpot for people who love browsing gorgeous design work. To help you narrow your search, I’ve carefully curated some of the best Instagrams to follow for design inspiration. I did my best to place them in categories — illustration, graphic design, pop art and installation, color palettes, street art, photography, typography, and calligraphy — although you’ll notice some of their work could fall into a number of different lists. …

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The Free Growth Tools I Recommend For Modern Businesses to Grow & Scale

To execute on your strategy, you’re going to need a powerful set of tools that leverage every stage of the customer experience, from the first point of contact, through the sales and marketing process, and over the lifetime of the customer.


Some companies are in the position to implement a growth stack right off the bat and then enhance and customize it with the right collection of integrated tools. Others need to start with free tools and build to a full growth stack over time. (Note: There is a free version of the HubSpot Growth Stack.)


For those companies just getting started, here is my shortlist of the best free growth tools for modern businesses. The list comprises a blend of free HubSpot tools and those from other companies that we’ve used and recommend….

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7 Keys To Building A Successful Big Data Infrastructure – InformationWeek

The infrastructure you build for big data, whether you’re looking at software or hardware, will have a huge impact on the analysis and action your big data systems will support.

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BI On Hadoop Success: 7 Things To Know – InformationWeek

When enterprises implement Hadoop, their top use-case was found to be business intelligence (BI). Now a new benchmark study shows which Hadoop SQL engines are best for which workloads. Here is a look at 7 key findings from that study.

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Data Analytics Pros Don’t Feel The Love From C-Suite – InformationWeek

Data and analytics initiatives may underpin every digital transformation initiative, but can these programs be trusted? A new survey from KPMG shows that even those running the programs don’t always trust them.

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Tableau shifting to subscription model in new bid to boost data visualization business

Tableau will soon shift its focus to subscriptions over perpetual licenses as a way to make its products more available and easier to deploy across thousands of employees at large businesses.

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AI: Economic Boom But Jobs Bust? – InformationWeek

Artificial Intelligence could double annual economic growth rates by 2035, according to a recently released report from Accenture that modeled the impact of AI on 12 developed economies, including the US.

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AI, Cognitive Computing To Disrupt Enterprises: IDC – InformationWeek

IDC is forecasting big growth for cognitive computing and AI in the next 5 years. This infographic shows the growth, industries, and use-cases for these technologies.

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Talk Data to Me: Data Visualization Best Practices

The best way to ensure adoption and expand the Tableau footprint at your customers or organization is through useful and insightful dashboards an

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Data Visualization Best Practices

Learn how to get the most out of your business intelligence platform including how to choose the right chart type, and how to optimise your charts to mak

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