Saturday Talk: #NorthwestArkansas economy rich in corporate office jobs, feeds start-up firms

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This is an interesting article about the area we call home – Northwest Arkansas.  Covered in the article are a few NWA startups that are doing well.  Vortisieze is an exciting startup also so its nice to see some love.

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Benton and Washington counties enjoy a concentration of corporate home office jobs more than seven times the national average according to U.S. Census data tables. The number of jobs related to management of corporate enterprises is 703% higher in Northwest Arkansas then the nation as a whole.



Saturday Talk: How Independent #Retailers Can Leverage the #InternetOfThings to End the Checkout Line

Enjoying your Saturday morning cup of coffee?  Well here’s an interesting piece discussing how to use the Internet of Everything to enhance shopping.

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Waiting in checkout lines is one of a consumer’s greatest frustrations when it comes to shopping. In fact, 52 percent of consumers report that they would actually take their business elsewhere if checkout wait times exceed five to 10 minutes. Independent retailers can end the frustration of waiting in line by using Internet of Everything (IoE) technologies such as mobile applications, Wi-Fi, sensors and predictive analytics to optimize the checkout or even eliminate it completely.


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Source: How Independent Retailers Can Leverage the Internet of Everything to End the Checkout Line





Happy Independence Day!

Remember – there is a reason to celebrate and for me today is a great day to reread the Declaration of Independence – the entire document, including the grievances – and reflect on the bravery of our founders who stuck a finger in the eye of the most power tyrant on the planet.

Personally, I believe that these men were divinely called and empowered to accomplish what would cost some their fortunes and lives but gave birth to a shining light of hope for freedom to countless millions around the world.

Sometimes I include a reading of the United States Constitution – which has as its foundation the Declaration.  It is important to understand that this country is not a nation of men but a nation of laws to be respected and followed – regardless of the social or economic status of any one individual.

Now – go enjoy your day, have fun and be safe.

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Happy Independence Day!





 #Vortisieze Technology Releases First Software Product for #CPGMarketing

For Immediate Release

Vortisieze Technology LLC

Lowell, AR – March, 3/9/2015 2015 – Vortisieze Technology has released their first software application, Filter Manager. This application automatically updates filters built in the MicroStrategy business intelligence tool based on a calendar table, and is completely customizable and extensible. For analytics that do not follow a standard calendar format (like a Walmart fiscal calendar for instance where the year beginning date can change based on an odd number of weeks every four years), it can be difficult to build rolling date filters for scorecarding metrics, or in some cases downright impossible. This application turns that complex logic into simple date filters that are then easy to use in your reports and metrics.
This software rounds out their application stack that provides item-store-day level analytics built on top of Cloudera Hadoop and MicroStrategy. By combining these tools with best of breed analytics built in MicroStrategy and tools like Filter Manager, Vortisieze has created a fast, agile data platform that can react to your changing business as fast as you need it to. By Partnering with Cloudera as their Hadoop provider they are able to scale to any size of dataset that is needed. Data that was just a dream is now possible, from correlating sales performance to social data and weather data, to finding relationships between SKU-Store performance and hospital mortality or unemployment rates, Vortisieze is pushing the boundaries of thinking that can be used to increase sales.

Vortiseze Technology LLC builds analytics platforms in MicroStrategy and Cloudera-Hadoop. Filter Manager is their first go-to-market application that can be purchased on it’s own to use with your own data warehouse or in conjunction with the Vortisieze MicroStrategy-Cloudera application that helps CPG companies manage their business with very large retailers.

Vortisieze Technology LLC is a software and data analytics company with over 30 years total experience in data warehousing, MicroStrategy solutions, software development, Walmart category management reporting and Cloudera implementations. Based in Northwest Arkansas they are centrally located to service their customers who deal with very large retailers.

If you are interested in Filter Manager or our complete analytics suite please email or call us at 479-633-7821


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