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1. CatMan Overview-Back To The Foundations:
2. Why be Retailer Centric in your CatMan Approach?:
3. Category Definition: 3 Considerations For Success:
4. Why All Categories Are NOT Created Equal:
5. Category Plan Success-Driven By Solid Foundations:
6. 3 Tips For Effective Data Insights:
7. 5 Ways to Improve Data Insights with a Category Assessment:
8. 3 Reasons to Develop Your Tactical Analytic Skills:
9. 3 Ways to Address CatMan Data Gaps:
10. 3 Steps to Create Killer Implementation and Category Plans:
11. 4 Ways to Give Your CatMan Presentations a Makeover:
12. 3 Tips: Turn Your Excel Skills From Good to Great!:
13. Remember CONSUMER When Analyzing Sales Results: Consumer Panel Data:
14. 5 Ways to Analyze Your Retail POS Data:
15. 4 Steps to Uncover Strategic Business Insights/Opportunities:
16. 8 Ways to Move to Advanced CatMan Analytics:
17. 4 Ways to Inject Strategy Into Your Assortment Analysis:
18. Key Considerations for Strategic Pricing Analysis:
19. Get Back to the Basics to Improve Promotion Effectiveness:
20. Why CatMan is the Answer to Collaboration, Shopper-Centric, and Big Data.:
21. Fact-Based Presentations-5 Secrets!:
22. How Strategic Is Your Organization in Space Management?:
23. 4 Best Practices for Advanced Shelving:
24. Drive Shopper Satisfaction: Retail Store Clusters in 3 Steps:
25. Achieve Shopper Satisfaction in 3 Steps:
26. How do Category Managers Affect a Retailer Income Statement?:
27. Product Supply Chain Is More Than Just Moving Product:
28. Strategic Selling Skills: How to Develop Them & Why You Need Them:
29. Improve Collaboration and JBP Results in 3 Steps:


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