There are many new buzz words buzzing around these days. Terms such as data blending, advanced analytics, big data, cloud computing and business intelligence. Sometimes it is easier to learn a foreign language than to decipher the meaning behind these terms.

As a CPG sales analyst or category manager what is your primary purpose? Increase your brand’s revenue and grow your real estate on the modular. To do so, you aim to create and maintain a competitive advantage with your buyer over your competitors.

Making better and timelier decisions help to gain and maximize any advantage. Drop or increase price, introduce a new product now or six months from now, which audience should be targeted. These decisions, made with the buyer, rely on accurate data and analytics to produce insights – thus business intelligence.

Business intelligence and analytic solutions address these challenges by allowing for easier information discovery and analysis, making it possible for decision-makers at all levels of an organization to more easily access, understand, analyze, collaborate, and act on information; anytime and anywhere.

Remembering your school days and the teacher helping you mix blue paint with yellow to make green paint – the fundamentals of data blending is the same; take one piece of data, mix it with another, and create something different and more appropriate – a new output for analysis and evaluation. This provides new ways to extract value from multiple data sets, discovering patterns in the data, demonstrating more insight to inform the decision-making process.

A few short years ago this activity would have taken sales and business analysts weeks to do this. In short – it would not have been done and if it had the data was sufficiently aged so immediate action was impossible. Today, Vortisieze is blending weather data with POS, inventory and even store straits to discover new patterns that may result in actionable insights.

Working closely with industry leaders such as MicroStrategy and Cloudera we are creating data blending and advanced analytics solutions. Armed with these solutions, we are able to recommend and implement the right data analysis process to meet your business need. Harnessing the power of data blending and advanced analytics means that CPG companies can unlock the insights gained from business intelligence.

Looking over the landscape of business intelligence and analytics solutions on the market it is obvious that the field is crowded, but not all have combined the new technologies with the retail expertise necessary to be right for your business and the objectives you want to achieve. At Vortisieze, because our founders have decades of combined experience in all levels of retail BI – IT, category management and analytics – we understand your business, not just what you do but also how you do it. By collaborating with you we then understand your current and future goals. Vortisieze is able to assist you in identifying the most appropriate of the solutions available to meet your strategic goals.

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