A recent online article in the data & analytics arena talks about business intelligence professionals who describe their job as 90% cleaning data.

While this isn’t a big deal to you as category manager or sales analyst working for a CPG supplier to a large retailer – it affects you every day in how your data for analysis is delivered and presented to you.

“Reformatting, cleansing and consolidating large volumes of data from multiple sources can be overwhelming,” Yaniv Mor, CEO and co-founder of Xplenty, said. “BI professionals are still struggling with the best approach to shorten the time between integration and analytics. As a result, businesses are often slow to unlock their data’s true potential for revenue or operational improvements.”

This process is called ETL (for Extract, Transform, and Load) and while slight majority of BI performs this locally, 49% are using cloud services for this.

You may be asking “so what?”

The so-what is when choosing a BI, or data-as-a-service, provider you may want to consider one that uses technology that 1) delivers your insights on-time, 2) is designed for rapid ETL with disparate data, and 3) gives you control over what you want to see.

One such technology is using big data (Hadoop) in the cloud, which is exactly what we at Vortisieze use to deliver the right insights at the right time.

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