Big data and analytics are at the top of the corporate agenda these days.  While big data and related technologies are relatively new analytics are certainly not new to the CPG category managers and sales analysts on the front line with retailer buyers.  Most CPG companies use some type of analytics to make sense of retailer supplied POS and inventory data.

However, as big data analytics technologies jump front and center ahead of outdated DSR and other data warehouse structured data (read hard to change and easy to break) acceptance by the enterprise, especially those who require the insights in their weekly – if not daily – work with buyers, is essential for success. published, on Monday, August 10, 2015, a clear and concise explanation of the three essential roles that must be filled by a CPG company to have business analytics success.

  • Suits (consumers of data) – The domain and sector business specialists who have a strong understanding of the organization’s broader business goals and strategy. They use analytics to optimize their business by providing deeper insights and increased efficiencies. They tend to be less focused on the “how” of big data and more focused on the “why.”
  • Math whizzes (producers of data) – The analytics specialists who construct databases, develop analytics scripts / models and design visualizations and dashboards for analytics consumers. They tend to be more focused on crafting the solution using innovative techniques and advanced technology, but generally don’t have as deep of an understanding of the business problem as the suits.
  • Techies (enablers of data) – The architects, who create the infrastructure, configure and implement analytics software, and establish data standards and management procedures. They are focused on enabling the sustainable operation of analytics solutions at an enterprise level, and tend to spend limited time on the specific business analytics solutions.

The article refers to the first role as Suits, invariably meaning upper management, for CPG companies this really means category managers and sales analysts who must gain actionable insight from the analytics.

The other two are more technical in nature – the geeks – typically in the IT departments of major CPG enterprises.  For most ‘suits’ – dealing with IT can be frustrating and painful process.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Working with Vortisieze those two roles are fulfilled by our team and technology (big data and cloud computing) and eliminates the need to engage IT at all.  Whew.

To learn more about how Vortisieze can bring you actionable insights better, faster and cheaper (and immensely less painful) contact us today for a complimentary BI consultation.

Even if you are currently with one of the other guys, Vortisieze can show you how to reduce cost of ownership of a BI platform while adding rapid flexibility to add additional streams of (sometimes unplanned) data.


Source:  The Three Types of People You Need for Analytics Program Success





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