#Walmart #POS #WeatherData Analysis in MicroStrategy

There are lots of ways to analyze your POS sales against weather, but it might be good to first determine if there is even a correlation between the two. If you’ve got weather data and POS data in your DWH, you can achieve this relatively quickly by using a weighted trend graph in MicroStrategy’s Visual Insights. As you can see in the screenshot above, we created a data set with Walmart week, some POS metrics, and some weather metrics – the one we are interested in for this set of products is Average Temperature. With WM Week as the x-Axis and POS sales as the y-Axis, we then have the ability to color the line by Average Temperature, and we weight the line with precipitation. As the line moves from red to blue the temps get cooler, and as the line gets thicker we see more total precipitation across the country for that week.

At a high level, this graph doesn’t give us anything we can action directly on. However, it does seem that as the country cools off we sell substantially more product. With a little more work we can add some drill downs to state or store and look at temps down to store level to see if each store exhibits the same behavior or if they seem unaffected.

Not all products have a correlation to weather, but these seem to, so next post we will dive deeper into how weather seems to affect sales, and we will try to add some more interesting metrics to help identify outliers or patterns we can predict. Feel free to comment or send suggestions on how you would like to see this dashboard evolve to and we will see if we can incorporate your suggestions into the dashboard.