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Welcome to Vortisieze. We’re top-tier data experts assembled for one purpose – to help you see your business better. We’re lean, we’re seasoned, and we possess the unique skills you need to assemble and visualize your data you previously thought unimaginable. We’re here to reinvent your data strategy with real, sustainable, unique, long-term big data and BI strategies and products now and in the future.


One of our focuses is building demand signal repositories for category analysts and managers to better manage their business. We have built the first and only “Big Data” Demand Signal Repository (DSR) solution on top of Cloudera, our Hadoop partner, to give us an incredibly pliable system that is scalable to any size while remaining very cost effective. So what do you do with unlimited storage that doesn’t impact performance? Well, for starters we loaded historical weather data and offer that as part of our hosted offering standard product. Then we went and loaded our own census demographic data. FDA recall data was next. Then we loaded hospital mortality rates. Why would you load that you ask? It’s simple – our philosophy is you can’t have too much data when you are trying to understand your sales performance and explain stock issues. What if tornadoes ripped through town, and your products are one of those products everyone stocks up with before an emergency. A severe weather stock report would come in handy in those cases.

Then, we layer on the most advanced business intelligence platform on top of all of this data – MicroStrategy. With the ability to build fluid, dynamic dashboards that can follow your train of thought, we harness the power of their Visual Insights and mobile platforms to give you an agile reporting tier that can grow with your business. You are no longer chained to the 20-30 canned reports that you bought. Take our standard reports and grow them to a thousand. Evolve them and customize them to your business. Create exception reports that alert you when things are a foul. Over 80% of what we build in MicroStrategy are reusable objects. Gone are the days of building each report from scratch. Our platform just keeps growing and growing with you.

Finally, we take this world class platform we have built and combine it with a service mentality. We are hear to help you succeed. We can help you build and manage your reports and dashboards, we can load your company specific fiscal calendars or supply chain data to blend it with our standard objects. We can load any data you throw at us, and quickly. Our agile data model gives us the ability to quickly augment our data model with custom data for you to make this system tailored to your needs. Our experts can guide you on which reports you should be running and how to interpret them. Every step of the journey you have help.


Why not just use SQL Server or Oracle? What Hadoop provides us in a back-end almost makes this unfair for everyone else. product8Unstructured data is a foreign concept to most data engineers, especially in Northwest Arkansas. One classic example of what unstructured data gives us happened to one of our consultants about 8 years ago. A client was using a big expensive DSR tool to manage their business. Then a new release comes out, and to get all of the new features, you have to upgrade. Well, the Retaillink recipes changed to add new fields, and the jobs were no longer compatible with the old files. Rather than be able to keep their 10 years of category data they had captured, they had to start over and went back to just 104 weeks of data. They effectively lost all of their sales history for categories they no longer had. That was not a fun discussion with the client. A data model in Hadoop would not suffer this same loss. Unstructured data means unstructured tables. Our tables can load files of different sizes and number of columns without hiccuping. Our ETL won’t care. Now, that history would not have data for the new columns added, but you would still have the sales and inventory.

Hadoop is also 38x faster loading data and querying reports – last we checked. It is evolving so fast. I saw figures the other day that some believe it is now 100x faster. I would need to run some new benchmarks. Point being that it is an active platform that is faster than standard databases, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It also doesn’t suffer severe performance drop off after 5 TB of data loaded like SQL Server does. That glass ceiling makes it a little difficult for other DSRs to go after census or weather data.

What Else Have We Got?

We also offer a broad range of services, from custom built data warehouse architecture and data integration, to rapid analytics development and predictive analytics using supervised and unsupervised machine learning. We are also now able to provide you with an exciting data warehouse automation tool – TX DWA. You need the right data, at the right time, to make the right decisions. TX DWA automates the complex and time intensive tasks required to model and govern data.

tx-dwa-logo-rgb-smallPartnering with TimeXtender, we are democratizing access to corporate data with the Data Discovery Hub – the most comprehensive end-to-end solution in the market today. Their flagship product, TX DWA automates the complex and time intensive tasks required to model and govern data. It writes the scripts so you don’t have to. Because it is based on automation technology, it allows for both speed and agility, and delivers results 5 times faster than other solutions in the market. TX DWA helps companies tap into multiple data sources, extract relevant information, and place that information in a structured discovery hub. This allows users to access information quickly and easily, and get one version of the truth. With a successful 10-year track record, and more than 2,600 customers from numerous industries in 60 countries, TimeXtender is the world’s leading provider of Data Warehouse Automation for the Microsoft® SQL Server®.

We can help you accelerate your BI and data warehouse implementations at crazy speeds! It will feel like you are cheating.

If you would like to talk to us about our platform or some of our projects we have worked on, feel free to drop us a line here. We would love to show you our BI Big Data platform or TX DWA in action and what it can do.